Digijaks created the ability to obtain bulk medical supplies, from only the largest, certified medical equipment and materials companies, that already supply hospitals in the EU and some already in the US as well.

Covid19 Supplies is part of our planning for crisis security.

Please visit the Covid19 Supplies and Provisions store here.

Sometimes is in the form of preventing hackers from getting deeper. Sometimes it is about assessing and preparing for something bigger coming. Sometimes it is quite literally what you say and how you say it.

Other times it comes down to ability to get things in high demand during an emergency. So after listening to many news reports, and talking with dozens of health care specialists as well as logistics experts; we made the decision to add a Covid19 Supplies section to our website and our services. This is for bulk orders only, for States, Hospitals, Counties, Cities, Medical Groups.

We created a way to facilitate high quality medical supplies, PPE, Ventilators, Hand Sanitizer and other materials in huge numbers to protect the front line medical workers. It is indeed a matter of crisis security. The physical and cyber worlds often cross over in terms of crisis management, but we believe no one will be safe without having safe health care workers during a pandemic crisis. We are all in this together.