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Digijaks provides boutique cyber and physical security solutions. The company is heavily involved in Covid19 response, including PPE sourcing, delivery security, vendor veracity.  Our cyber practice has focused on social engineering, attribution, forensics, as well as personal cyber security.

Use cutting edge analysis, advisory and training for companies, families, HNW individuals.

Cyber Security by Digijaks, covers social engineered attacks, attribution, reputation control attacks, reputation management.

Digital Marketing, covers branding, SEO and Social Media Security.




Reputation Control and Reputation Management

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Cyber Security By Digijaks


Crisis and Cyber response

Crisis Security PPE
Covid19 Supplies and Provisions in Bulk for States, Cities, Hospitals, First Responders, Doctor/Nurse/Dentist Groups
Cyber Security By Digijaks
Digijaks Cyber Security Reputation Security Attack Response
Reputation Control + Security
Total Reputation Control and Reputation Management in Social, Search, Content.


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Latest blogs

USA Sourced #PPE for #Covid19 Response
July 1, 2020
Digijaks Group Covid19 Response Digijaks Group started Covid19 response by working with our cybersecurity clients in February 2020. We were asked to help s...
Digijaks has uncovered multiple Covid19 scams – #PPE fraud operations in use in 2020.
May 24, 2020
We have been involved directly in providing cyber and buyer security in the fight against the covid19 virus. However we have also been involved in the fight ag...
Crisis Security for Covid19
March 27, 2020
Digijaks created the ability to obtain bulk medical supplies, from only the largest, certified medical equipment and materials companies, that already supply h...
‘Covid-19’ Coronavirus| Cybersecurity Overview
March 16, 2020
Covid-19. Coronavirus. Cybersecurity. That is a lot of words beginning with C. Unfortunately, as the Covid-19 or Coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe i...
Cyber Security of Weaponized Media in a Socially Engineered World
November 26, 2017
The world is seeing an ongoing multi-faceted cyber attack(s) (social engineering) that uses weaponized fake media, digital false flags and other digitally obfuscated materials. These attacks stem from nation states, paid hacker cartels and mercenary hackers globally.
Digijaks CEO Alan W. Silberberg Interviewed by Associated Press about HBO Hack
October 24, 2017
Digijaks CEO Alan W Silberberg interviewed by Associated Press about the HBO Hack 2017
Reputation Control. Who Controls Your Cyber Reputation?
December 23, 2015
The reality is, the ability to trash reputations, for others to *control your reputation* is all too real. Whether you like it or not.
Reputation Management and Control
December 4, 2015
Face it. The Internet is a hostile place for your reputation and your brand, whether that is personal, corporate or government. The control and management of your reputation start and end with you. As we enter 2015, it is worth paying attention to, in fact it is important to take stock of your online reputation, the management of it and the control of it. It is yours. Not anyone else.
Control Reputation and Search With Social Media
May 7, 2015
When it comes to reputation management and control, there are many techniques that can be employed, depending on the person, the brand, or the situation. W...

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