Reputation Control. Cybersecurity. Recent OPM Hacks and You.

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Reputation. Is hard to get, hard to maintain, hard to control; especially in an era of hacking by governments and criminals alke. Cybersecurity is something many people long put off as a back burner decision, or lower funded priority, but in actuality is a critical need, now at the forefront of many leaders' thinking due to the sheer number and audacity of the hacks from 2013 forward. There is a distinct triangulation between reputation control and cyber security and search results. The more things get hacked, the more information flows onto websites, both for sale, and for free, and the more the search engines index these results. Digijaks’ CEO Alan W Silberberg has written about this triangulation before as it relates to cyber security and how we all need to…
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GOV20LA 2014

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  Digijaks is the Proud Sponsor and Creator of Gov20la.   Gov 2.0 L.A. 2014 is 4/28/2014. Emergency First Responders Get Free Admission to Crisis Management Talks at GOV20LA 2014 Led by Experts   Back-to-back earthquakes in Los Angeles and an 8.2 deadly earthquake and tsunami hitting Chile Tuesday night has raised questions and concerns about how prepared emergency first responders, educators, city officials, and citizens are in a world where things can happen in an instant and technology plays front and center.   “This is both a wake up call and a warning. The wake up call is to remember how quickly our sense of normalcy can change to instant chaos. The warning is to be prepared and in an age where social media and real life are so…
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