Key Cybersecurity trends of 2023 by Digijaks CEO Alan W. Silberberg

Key Cybersecurity Trends of 2023

Key Cybersecurity trends of 2023 by Digijaks CEO Alan W. Silberberg

Cyber Reputation Wealth Connection

Cyber Reputation Wealth

Cyber, reputation, and wealth connections reveals a lot about all of us. All of us work hard to build wealth, reputations and good lives. Digital and reputation security risks are growing daily; and are something that should be taken very seriously. The risks faced by all of us are actually much more prescient than many realize. Celebrities who have a lot of money are prime targets for social engineering attempts. They often have an increased risk of being targeted by extortionists and hackers, who want to use their personal information against them. What about CEOs? Family office heads? Your parents? People of all stripes are at an increased risk of being targeted by hackers.

Iot Devices Vulnerable To All Kinds of Cyberattack

IoT Vulnerabilities

IoT devices vulnerable to all kinds of cyberattack. This is because there was a rush to ship them and make them available for consumers. They are generally inexpensive and mass produced.

Cyber + Reputation Risk from Deepfakes, AI, AR, VR Growing

Cyber + reputation risk from deepfakes, AI, AR, VR is growing rapidly. We are living in the age of AI (Artificial Intelligence) combined with MI (Machine Intelligence) where everything is becoming digital and automated. The problem with this is that it also means that we are opening up a lot of doors for cyber attacks.

Disinformation Caused Cyber + Reputation Risk For Businesses

Disinformation Cyber Risk

Disinformation is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but in the context of cybersecurity and online reputation management, it's also an increasingly important issue. Disinformation refers to false information intended to deceive and manipulate people with the goal of subverting democracy.

Water Utilities Are Getting Hacked. Why?

Water Utilities are getting hacked, ransomed and breached in growing numbers in the United States. Is this because many purchased digital switches from companies providing products specifically designed to disrupt from within?

Cybersecurity + Reputation in Renewable Energy

Are the companies focusing on getting the power to the customers, without thinking too much about the cybersecurity demands on their technology stacks, and how their nascent build ups can be tarnished by a hack? Are there critical infrastructure threats embedded in this new industry?