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ChatGPT and BARD Could Eat Your Reputation.

AI in search and social media


Generative AI tools are a promising new technology. They can help businesses better understand their customers, automate common tasks and make many products more accessible. But like all technologies, they also have the potential to do harm. Now that we are seeing AI chat tools like ChatGPT and BARD being integrated into major search engine platforms; it will not be long before we see the same type of integration into social media search too. There is both a good and bad side to this shiny new technology. The biggest risk is that people will begin to lose trust in online platforms because they cannot be sure that what they read there is accurate or unbiased. But the upside is a business or person can use these same tools to help further their brand or personal reputation by making some smart choices now.

ChatGPT and BARD Could Eat Your Reputation

ChatGPT and BARD could eat your reputation.

AI tools are being used in search engines and social media to find out who you are, what you’re saying and doing, how much money you’re making–and whether your brand is trustworthy. And if it isn’t? The AI will make sure everyone knows about it!

With the rise of ChatGPT and BARD being inserted into Bing and Google search engines, businesses need to be more aware than ever about these new technologies that can hurt their reputations by exposing them as untrustworthy or producing low quality work or even outright lying about them. There are many reports already of both forms of Large Language Model (LLM) AI lying, and or creating facts that do not exist. One of the main problems with these new AI’s is that they are not yet capable of understanding what they say. They can only repeat back what they have seen and heard, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Large Language Model (LLM) AI’s are especially susceptible to this problem because they do not understand context or meaning–they simply take any input and spit out a sentence based on what they’ve learned from large amounts of data. These new AI’s are already being used for many things, such as writing movie scripts and music. They are also being used to create fake news stories that can be spread around the internet and Facebook. Models like this have been used to create news stories about celebrities dying, but when you read them, you realize that they’re obviously not true.

How to Fix It

Try these tips to manage your reputation in an AI world.


If you’re concerned about how AI is going to affect your business, don’t panic. You can take some steps now to ensure that your reputation doesn’t get eaten by ChatGPT or BARD. Recognize these changes as affecting your business and personal brand, so take active if not proactive steps to try to make this technology work for you and not against you.

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