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Be prepared, be ready to respond.

Events beyond our control like cyber attacks, reputation attacks, pandemic health crisis, natural disasters happen.

Crisis security for Coronavirus Pandemic: 

             PPE: BULK ORDERS ONLY

Teachers. Schools. Athletic Programs. All Medical and First Responder groups.

For large bulk scheduled orders (100,000 boxes or more) of Non Latex Nitrile Gloves for organizations and or use regular purchase orders; please contact us using the chat feature on the right, or by emailing us. There are regularly scheduled shipments arriving every few weeks on the US West Coast.

Digijaks offers N95 masks certified by US FDA, CDC and NIOSH for sale to non medical professionals as well as medical professionals. We will work with your organization to obtain N95 masks in whatever quantity is needed (up to 10 Million units). N95 Masks with full customization of the color, and writing on straps for organizations looking for a smart, healthy branding tool. They can be ordered thru the link below with a roughly two week delivery schedule:


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