Digijaks Artificial Intelligence (#digijaksAI) is a key part of the overall defenses we utilize to protect client companies, families and their information. It is a new addition to the proprietary trade secrets that Digijaks was founded on.

Ways we are using various Artificial Intelligence tools.

  • Research
  • Training generative tools to benefit client needs
  • Partial use in content
  • Analytics
  • Competitor footprints
  • Active search engine engagement

The combination of the artificial intelligence that Digijaks has deployed through #digijaksAI with our proprietary trade secrets – with human subject matter experts in cybersecurity, reputation management and wealth protection and has established the company as one of the leading boutique cybersecurity and reputation management companies in the US.

Digijaks relies on a number of proprietary and unique trade secrets developed by Digijaks. The addition of artificial intelligence adds a powerful and incredibly fast component to the defenses of our clients and their interests.