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Cyber Security | Reputation Control For Regular People


Cyber Security.

Reputation Control.

Two terms laden with secret meanings and often high (sometimes perceived) costs to remediate dangerous and or embarrassing situations. Bad things resulting from hacks of digital networks, devices, identity theft, corporate espionage and other digital crimes and forms of cyber attacks.

After almost 9 years of offering cyber security and reputation control services to larger companies and governments; it has become clear that there is a very specific and unmet need for regular people to get access to premier cyber security services.

I literally cannot count how many late night phone calls, emergency text messages and social media direct messages from regular people. They are people who are often part of a larger organization, but are not given access to the cyber security their company or agency purchased or only a small part. These calls and messages often involve personal cyber security questions, or ones relating to family members or friends.

It is quite evident that most large companies and government agencies invest in cyber security for their networks and devices.

But regular people are often left out of the equation. Beyond the basic training needed for the specifics of their company or agency, there is little to no specific training for people to access for their own needs. That is if they get any basic training at all. Many high level executives tell us they receive a few hours a year at best of any substantial training. The lower you go in the corporate and government pecking order, the less likely people get cyber security or reputation control training at all.

Most people who work for smaller companies, NGOs, academia and or state and local governments also receive little to no specific training at the people level.

What happens if your kid has a cyber bullying issue? Or your identity gets compromised? Or you or someone in your family accidentally clicks on malware laden links, or a well crafted phishing email? Who do you turn to?

Digijaks decided to create products specifically aimed at you. To help you prepare and defend against attacks on your reputation, cyber attacks on your personal devices and or family and to help mitigate when and if something happens.

We created price points accessible to individuals and families alike. Most other cyber security companies do not offer such family cyber security. Just click on this link to get started. Thank you!


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