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Disinformation Process 101


How does it work?

The disinformation and propaganda around Covid are the same networks that promulgate, regurgitate Russian owned messages. This is taken from a thread originally written on Twitter by Digijaks CEO Alan Silberberg.

In lay person terms, here is the process:

1. Pick civic event or political event.

2. Create fake accounts

3. Create fake websites

4. Message it out at the speed of the internet 24 hours a day. Repeat into print, radio and tv.

5. Fake accounts on social media now amplify “news”

6. News that never existed or was factually and contextually different now becomes repeated ad nauseum until even the news and government pros cannot tell the difference anymore.

7. Do this in multiple countries at once.

8. Use fake accounts to trumpet how the now fake “news” movement is now becoming a global thing of importance. Remember, this is all not real. Or partially real. Or obfuscated and filled with lies.

9. Use global network of turned useful idiots with blogs, tv shows, radio shows, podcasts and facebook to constantly churn 1-8 above.

10. Once this stew has been cooking then use official government mouthpieces inside Russia, + their ugly allies inside the US and other countries like UK to repeat the fake “news” that was manufactured by their troll factories, turned into consumable “news” and spread ad nauseum.

This is true with Covid. Trump. Brexit. Ukraine. Belarus. Moldova. Syria. Spain. Canada. USA. Yellowjackets. Little roses. #Q #maga #kaga and all the cult idiocy that has become so dangerous in the new cyber/physical crossover world.


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