What is Physical Security?

How can I protect myself and my family or company?

Digijaks Group has specialized former military special forces advisors who work with your family, organization, and selected people to create, train and support all of your physical security needs 24×7 globally.

What is cyber physical crossover protection?

In the interconnected world we live in now, many physical security threats emanate from the digital side, whether that is social media, websites, or the dark web containing hacked or otherwise compromised information. They “crossover”. The release of such information leads to many types of physical security threats, including identity theft, breakins at home or office, “follow home” thefts using “air tags” – even all the way up to stalking or worse.

Who benefits from your Physical Security Services?

Multi-generational wealth families, CEOS, Athletes, Entertainers, Celebrities, High Profile Organizations.