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WFH Cyber-Physical Security

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Cyber-Physical Crossover Security Analysis and Training through encrypted, secure online platform.

A Cyber Security Subject Matter Expert, and a former US military Physical Security Subject Matter Expert combined to provide cutting edge tactics and strategies and work with you to lock down your cyber and physical worlds together.

Together as one.

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4 Hour minimum


WFH Cyber-Physical Security

Because so many people are now working from home, or non traditional work environments, there are numerous risks to consider.



Breaking into Zoom, Skype and other video calls.

But what about your physical safety? Breaking into your house. Breaking into your car. Breaking into your lives. Now you do WFH in a so called smart home that was never designed for military grade security.  What about your family, your home environment? What about your car, or your kids computers or phones? Who has secured your home wifi? Are you using a VPN? If so what kind?  Have you thought about the impact of your WFH life on your physical security? Triple this question if you are a lawyer, doctor, therapist, banker, money manager, or work for the government.

Let us conduct a thorough review and provide you and your family deep training on how cyber security and physical security now combine to affect us all.

4 hour minimum session (with breaks)  with a cyber security subject matter expert;  combined with a former US military physical security subject matter expert. The session is done virtually through an encrypted platform, with previous communications on how to.

We can be engaged for longer commitments as well.

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