Reputation Control + Security

Triangle with social media, search, cyber security

Reputational Security

Reputations are built over a lifetime and can be destroyed in seconds.

Digijaks experts work with multinational corporations, family offices, and athletes, entertainers and other celebrities to protect, enhance and when needed repair reputations. This involves active measures based on trade secrets that Digijaks has developed over more than a decade. We create custom digital fortresses to protect and enhance reputational security.

Safety and Privacy

Today’s world is digitally intensive to ensure both safety and privacy.

Hacks and other cybersecurity problems can often involve dealing with additional safety and privacy issues that come along with them. Digijaks subject matter experts work with you and your family to create dynamic safety protocols, and utilize cutting edge technology to ensure your privacy and safety moving forward.

Reputation is in Your Control. Or not?

Digijaks Offers:
Total Control over Google, Bing and Yahoo 1st page results, in any set of keywords necessary to your brand.

Tactical and Strategic Organic reputation management (non paid search and SEO results) for Corporations, Politicians, Entertainers and other organizations and high profile individual leaders.

Digital Crisis Communications that effects Reputation Management and Control including creating content, websites, control of social media with strategic and tactical processes for both defensive and offensive reputation control.

For confidentiality reasons, our digital crisis and reputation control clients cannot be named.
Many leading corporations, celebrities, CEOs trust our team to handle all aspects of digital crisis and reputation control.