Made in USA Facemasks for Britain, Canada, Ireland, Scotland

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Made in USA N95 Face Mask for Canada, Ireland and rest of UK.
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Box of 25 MADE IN USA High Grade Filtration FACE Masks. Lab tested over 95% Filtration


Non-refundable, and no cancellations due to Covid related manufacturer rules.

Made in New York, using mostly made in USA materials. Over the head straps, and adjustable nose bar.

Re-usable in non medical conditions for several days.

Please contact us for the Pre-NIOSH statements if you need from the manufacturer. You can use the chat feature on the right or the contact information at the bottom of the website. There are certificates, scientific studies and use cases available.

Manufacturer statement: "In the spirit of full transparency, here is the current standing of these face masks, which the manufacturer has opted to make available prior to NIOSH and FDA certification/registration, due to the desperate need for these masks in our current worldwide situation and the shortages of N95 masks. We are pleased to inform you that these masks have passed all pre-certification testing, have been submitted to NIOSH for approval and assigned a task number."

This Made In USA face mask is in use in medical + dental facilities in the United States currently.

Sold only by boxes of 25.

Shipping to Britain, Canada, Ireland and Scotland in two weeks from time of order.

Shipping in original factory configuration, 1 box of 25 individually wrapped N95 face masks.

29.00 US Dollar shipping fee per box to Canada, UK, Ireland, Scotland, contact us if over 10 boxes at a time using the chat feature on the right side for a discounted shipping rate.

Also you can contact us about larger bulk purchases for your organization. Thank you.

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