5 Key #CyberSecurity Trends for 2020

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5 Key Cyber Security trends of 2020 by Digijaks CEO Alan W. Silberberg 2020 is going to be lit, at least in the cyber world. We are not talking about the fireworks from New Year's Eve celebrations. Nor are we talking about the circus in Washington, DC, or any other world capitol. One day snapshot of Digijaks CEO Twitter account @ideagov So, what is coming in 2020? What do we need to be looking for? Polymorphic Malware + Artificial Intelligence. Continued at #1 from 2019 trends due to ever increasing use and now fully automated attacks as well. What the heck is polymorphic malware you may be asking? Basically, in the most simple terms, it is malware that changes upon detection, or "morphs" into a new form, or goes into…
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#cybersecurity The Gift everyone needs for the Holidays!

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Happy Holidays. It is, as is so commonly mentioned in the media: "That Time of Year Again." Yup. Packages. Shiny New Things. Cool Toys for the Kids and kid-adults alike. It is also the time of year of increased cyber crime attempts aimed at retailers. Add also the time of year when more families and organizations introduce new varieties of malware, ad-malware, viruses, worms, bad bots and devices that phone "home" into our homes, workplaces and civic spaces. https://twitter.com/IdeaGov/status/668911020937580544?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw How? Because many devices are coming pre-loaded with malware. How many parents look into the workings of a cheap tablet before handing it off to the kids? How many people are checking new apps to see the permissions being requested on those new devices and old ones too? How many companies are…
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#IoT Security Is Just Not.

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A few weeks ago I wrote this piece about #IOT Cybersecurity and how it affects personal and brand reputations. I got a lot of criticism for basically speaking the truth. I appreciate all the tweets, emails and Linkedin posts engaging on this piece, including all the people who attempted to say I was wrong. But the points raised in that piece are simply the opening salvo in a multi front disruption. The disruption is NOT IoT. The disruption is to switch from product leading first with security as an afterthought in the rush to go to market. What needs to change is the mindset to build in design security from the beginning, Last week I sat on a panel at the California Cyber Security Task Force meeting. The panelists were…
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