Public Company CEO Under NDA

“I instructed my company to engage Alan and Digijaks after getting hit with both a lawsuit and tremendous social media backlash at the same time. Our initial efforts through a PR firm failed as did those of a regular consultant. We researched Digijaks carefully, and examined both other websites, search results and talked to existing clients all before engaging Digijaks. This was done for both me, and the brand. We engaged in emergency cyber security response and attribution as well as long term reputation control and staff development through new platform and technology trainings.”

NY, NY 2015

Offshore Hedge Fund Under NDA

“Digijaks has provided consistent and cutting edge due diligence efforts on other cyber security companies we have been considering as investments. Their leader has also introduced several investment deals of note to our partners.”

New York, London, Singapore, Israel  2016

Hollywood Entertainer Under NDA

“WE LOVE DIGIJAKS!!!!!!  —-  They got fake social media accounts taken down for me that neither my lawyer nor my security people could. I tell all my acting and producer friends about what a great job they do!!”

Hollywood, CA 2016

Fortune 1000 Company Under NDA

“Digijaks saved our long term reputation from Brandjacking through a systematic approach and tremendous indepth training.”

Fortune 1000 Company  New York.  2015

Government Agency Under NDA

“We contracted Digijaks through a unique special cyber security program to enhance and revise a cyber security training manual and online course. This will be published after thorough review by other agencies in late 2016.”

Washington, DC, 2015

US Politician Under NDA

“I asked my staff to quietly contract Digijaks to help chart a social media strategic path that would also help to identify known trolls, known verbal harassers and also to identify our supporters while also enabling my staff to have top down digital message control on the fly where-ever they are. I am as my staff is, quite pleased with their work.”

Washington, DC 2015