Embrace Cyber Hygiene with Digijaks Group

Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Secure your business today with Digijaks Group’s Cyber Concierge Services. Join us in fortifying your technical and social assets, empowering your human resources, and embracing a world where your digital presence is impenetrable. When it comes to cybersecurity excellence, Digijaks Group is your unwavering partner. 

Why Choose Digijaks Cyber Concierge Services?

Unparalleled Expertise: With 14 years of expertise in cybersecurity and reputation crisis remediation, Digijaks Group stands as a beacon of trust and discretion in the industry. Our team, led by cyber subject-matter expert Alan Silberberg, is comprised of professionals with backgrounds in military, intelligence, and computing, ensuring your business and reputation are is fortified against any threat.

Comprehensive Solutions: Our Cyber Concierge Services provide a holistic approach to cyber protection. From monthly monitoring to additional employee training, we leave no stone unturned in safeguarding your digital assets. Enjoy a priority crisis response time, ensuring swift action when you need it the most. Plus, our clients benefit from a 10% discount on all future services, excluding cybersecurity insurance and expert witness testimony.

Exclusive Training Programs: We offer tailored in-house training programs for businesses of all sizes. Whether you have under 10 employees or more than 200, our training sessions address unique cybersecurity and online reputation challenges faced across industries. Delivered by industry experts, these sessions are rooted in real examples, guaranteeing your team is well-equipped to handle any situation.

Our Cyber & Reputation Crisis Readiness System Includes:

For Companies with under 10 employees:

  • Risk Assessment & Insurance Preparedness Plan: Crafted by Alan Silberberg and his expert team, ensuring you’re fortified against potential risks.
  • Basic Cybersecurity and Reputation Threat Assessment: Identifying vulnerabilities and potential threats to your digital presence.
  • Social and Digital Threat Assessment: Comprehensive evaluation of potential threats in the digital realm.
  • Half-day live training session focusing on your specific needs
  • Tailored Packages for Your Needs: Small companies ($35K): 

For Companies with 10-50 employees at a single location:

  • Medium Package ($75K): Everything listed above, plus
  • Comprehensive one-day live training session empowering your team with essential skills

For Companies with 50-200 employees at a single location:

  • Large Package (Starting from $125K+)Everything listed above plus (please inquire if you have more employees or multiple locations)
  • Designed for organizations with up to 200 employees Intensive two-day live training session ensuring thorough preparation against cyber threats
  • Note: Prices do not include crisis response fees or expert witness fees.

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