DIGIJAKS services multi-generational wealth families, multi-national corporations, athletes, entertainers, celebrities.  

Specialize in attribution, social engineering defense, total digital security combined with complete control of search engines and other digital reputation drivers. We design custom platforms and response dictated by the cyber threat matrix you and your family/organization is in. This can be both defensive and offensive depending on the needs. Cyber/Physical Crossover Attacks can be very dangerous, and something that affects many high profile people and organizations. Digijaks provide full defenses against such attacks, such as electronic counter surveillance, air tag detection, all the way up to US military trained closed body defenders. Few people understand how cyber physical attacks work, but our experts solve this problem for you.

We also provide in house and virtual based training programs for organizations and family offices.

EMAIL: DIGIJAKSHQ @ DIGIJAKS.COM If you are having immediate cyber security issues or need to learn about how we can protect against future attacks directed at you, your family or organization. Alternatively you can also use the chat feature found on the lower right side of this website.