Social Engineering and Cyberwar Defense.
1. Basic Social Media and Digital Threat Assessment.
  • Initial consultation with assessment of Social and Digital potential threats. This package ideal for the small yet growing business, or for situations where your company is experiencing minor hack attempts or brand tarnishing on social media.  Digijaks will work with you on the phone or virtually through secure channels. Tactics and Strategies initially explored.
2. Advanced Social Media Analysis/ Social Engineered Attack Vulnerabilty and Cyber War Countermeasures.
  • Advanced analysis of social and digital footprints. Social mapping of critics, social media trolls; analysis of personnel usage of social and mobile in conjunction with your IP.  Digijaks will both create a full social map of your companies interactions, as well as the people you interact with and what is being discussed in social media.  Specific measures to take based on your company’s needs; specific tactics to deploy in social, mobile and on the web.
3. Custom long term, tactical and strategic packages for Corporations, Non Profits and Non Governmental Organizations.
  • Artificial Intelligence and proprietary Cyber Security tools, training, response and mitigation. Digital Branding, Reputation Control and Reputation Management. Digital Anti-Cyber Crime and Anti Social Engineering methodology.

Full Spectrum Cyber Pew Pew