Olmstead Williams Communications

Online reputational threats can arise overnight and without warning. All it takes is a lawsuit or embarrassing video being posted on social media for Google to bring it to the attention of anyone searching a company or its leadership’s names. It doesn’t take long for misinformation to spread and become accepted as truth. Companies then scramble in a defensive position, which damages the brand.

Digijaks Group has partnered with Olmstead Williams Communications (OWC), a leading Los Angeles tech public relations firm, to defend businesses against socially engineered mayhem by identifying attackers and improving online reputation. Together, the rapid reputation response team provides a comprehensive solution to repair, protect and build a reputation in crisis.

Digijaks immediately identifies the source of the attacks, improves clients’ cyber threat strategies and then addresses with the specific goal of removing the false or damaging items from the first page of online searches. The proprietary artificial intelligence technology of Digijaks monitors and addresses social media, website and search engine attacks.  OWC is concurrently populating online searches with positive news and media coverage to support page one of a Google search and by training spokespersons, creating internal and external communications regarding the online issues and ensuring leaders and companies have the communications tools to manage effectively through a crisis. 

Reputation is the brand, and it is critical to be well-armed for the worst.

Founded in 2008, OWC is a Los Angeles reputation management and public relations boutique firm that works with B2B, technology and professional services companies to raise brand profile and capture mind and market share.