Digijaks Group provides deep protective, research and analytical capabilities to the service of clients by combining ArtificiaI Intelligence with Trade Secrets. Artifical intelligence (AI) combined with industry leading trade secrets bring best of class cyber, reputation and wealth security for Digijaks’ clients.

Our global reach and access to multiple databases means a complete picture is revealed rapidly, and with an accuracy only brought by the merger of human subject matter experts with AI to ensure nothing is missed. CEOs, Celebrities, Politicians, Family Offices and other groups rely every day on the trusted advisors from Digijaks to stay safe in a complicated online and offline world.

Digijaks Group is a boutique cybersecurity and reputation management agency that focuses on the total safety of your organization, family and you.

Celebrity Cybersecurity And Reputation
Celebrities are in a unique position to tell us about the dangers …
Iot Devices Vulnerable To All Kinds of Cyberattack
IoT devices vulnerable to all kinds of cyberattack. This is because there …

Is your reputation at risk of getting smashed? Do you need cyber security protection and research for your family office, multinational corporation or celebrity or sports figure? Is your cybersecurity and reputation security tied to your physical security?

We fix problems quietly.

Reputation Management

Reputation Control and Management for Celebrities

Global Cyber Experts

Cyber Subject Matter Experts in Multiple Digital Fields

Wealth Security Experts

Wealth Security Privacy for Families and Individuals

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Digijaks Group CEO Alan W. Silberberg interviewed by the Associated Press about the HBO Hack.