Cybersecurity + Reputation Control Case Studies

Triangle with social media, search, cyber security

Top US Multinational Corporation facing lawsuits from former employee, that fell into a corporate reputation trap when opposing counsel gave a few paragraphs of the lawsuit to a hungry reporter on a well known gossip paper. It destroyed their social media presence, search results, and long term reputation and brand name. This also damaged corporate share price on the stock exchange.

Company CEO engaged Digijaks to deal with emergency situation, as well as to create long term digital crisis communications plan and trainings. We reversed the damage done in search and social media within a few weeks of being hired.

Unclassified Cybersecurity Training Program conducted for the United States Geo Spatial Foundation at their 2016 Annual Summit/Conference in Orlando, FL.

Conducted two hour training course entitled “Global Cybersecurity on Earth and in Space” with attendees from military, intelligence agencies, space agencies and industry.

Also gave similar speech, in non training format to the US Army Cyber Institute in the same year.

US based Hedge Fund engaged Digijaks to do a cyber security due diligence deep dive on both the company and code of a potential acquisition for one of their portfolio companies. They were concerned there were some imbalances in what they thought about the company, and what the company was providing in the due diligence process.

We uncovered that the software written by the company, and sold to medium and small utilities in the United States, was actually written in Moscow, Russia. We also uncovered that the company itself, while nominally a US based company – was in actuality a Russian Front company, with all but a few of the employees actually living in Russia.

This case was ultimately referred to the US Government for further action.