Welcome to Digijaks


  • Digital Branding, Social Cyber, Reputation Control and Reputation Management.
  • Boutique Digital Crisis Communications.
  • Tactical and Strategic Social Media Campaigns.
  • We primarily serve CEOs, Entertainers, Politicians, Companies and Governments.
  • We build custom Anti Cyber War. Anti Cyber Crime. Anti Social Engineered Attack. Technologies and provide cutting edge analysis and advice in these areas as well.
  • We power anti bullying and anti cyber harassment technologies used by other companies under license.
Reputation Control and Reputation Management
Cyber Security, Social Media, You.

Digijaks, LLC is a registered contractor in good standing with the U.S. Government. We work closely with both government and private national security and personal security experts in multiple countries. Contact us if you are interested in teaming, sub-contracting or other potential partnering vehicles.

Cyber Advisory Packages for multinational companies and smaller businesses.
Cyber training to prevent cyber war, cyber espionage and socially engineered attacks.

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