School Hacking. Or Don’t.

Hack Schools. Or don't because it is illegal, causes huge issues for schools, colleges and universities and the people involved. Schools and Universities are a major target for hackers because of the lack of cybersecurity measures, and this is not just a problem in the U.S.

Cyber + Reputation Risk from Deepfakes, AI, AR, VR Growing

Cyber + reputation risk from deepfakes, AI, AR, VR is growing rapidly. We are living in the age of AI (Artificial Intelligence) combined with MI (Machine Intelligence) where everything is becoming digital and automated. The problem with this is that it also means that we are opening up a lot of doors for cyber attacks.

Reputation + Cyber Risk of Quantum Computing

Quantum Cyber + Reputational Risk

Quantum computing does alter, sometimes permanently both reputation risk and cybersecurity risk in multiple ways. These changes affect businesses, and therefore what they should do to prepare for these changes. Quantum computing does change personal reputation risk as well.

Cybersecurity Risk Vectors in Crypto

Cybersecurity Risk Vector

Cryptocurrencies are valuable, and they can be stolen. It is a fact that has been well-known in the cryptocurrency space for a while now. When cryptocurrencies were first introduced, they were touted as being “unstealable” because of how difficult it would be to transfer them from one person to another. However, as cybercrime evolved and advanced over time, hackers found ways to breach these supposedly impenetrable systems with relative ease. Despite this risk factor, many corporations continue to invest heavily in crypto-related startups that are targeted by these malicious actors.

Social Engineering | Easy Vector To Attack

Social Engineering

You can think of social engineering as the art of deception. The attacker will try to get you to give them something they want without realizing what's happening—it could be your username, password, credit card number, or even your identity.

Cybersecurity Wealth and Reputation

Cybersecurity Wealth

As technology evolves, so must we. Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT issue. It’s a business issue that can impact your company's bottom line, the financial well-being of your clients and potentially even the reputations of those involved with the business.

Cyber Stalking Real Life Danger

Cyber Stalking

The internet has provided people with a new way to stalk their targets. Cyberstalking is when someone uses technology to follow, harass or threaten another person online. This can include sending unwanted emails or text messages, posting inappropriate information about their target on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, and even hacking into someone else’s computer.

Cybersecurity in Time of Cyberwar

Cybersecurity in Time of Cyberwar

Cybersecurity is a very important topic for all parts of the world, especially those with increased cyberwar activity. Wars, both regular and cyber are increasing. Cyberwar is affecting all of our lives in many ways. The rise of cyberwar between countries also correlates with the number of cyberattacks increasing in recent years. The cybersecurity industry is working hard to keep up with the ever-changing technology and evolving threats.

Cyber Reputation | Who Owns Yours?

Cyber Reputation

Cyber Reputation is becoming a more important element of employment, career success, social promotion and personal relationships. Fundamentally the question we all need to ask is simple. Is the cyber reputation reality that people are experiencing accurate?

Cyber Reputations of Businesses Matter

Cyber Reputations

Your business has a reputation, whether you like it or not. You can choose to let it go unmonitored and hope for the best, or you can actively manage what people say about your company online