Key Cybersecurity trends of 2023 by Digijaks CEO Alan W. Silberberg

Key Cybersecurity Trends of 2023

Key Cybersecurity trends of 2023 by Digijaks CEO Alan W. Silberberg

Digijaks Services

Digijaks Services

Digijaks Services

Artificial Intelligence Creates New Cybersecurity Worries

AI Cybersecurity Risk

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way we view cybersecurity. While there are many benefits to AI, it comes with a range of challenges that organizations must address. This article will discuss how AI is changing the way we approach cybersecurity. We’ll also cover some of the ways in which artificial intelligence can improve our security posture, as well as some of its drawbacks. AI is changing the way we approach cybersecurity. With the advent of AI-powered tools, organizations can now detect advanced attacks more easily than ever before. AI provides us with the ability to analyze data faster and more efficiently than human analysts ever could.

Reputation and Cyber Personal Defenses in Digital World

Reputation and Cyber Defenses

Cyber attacks are on the rise, and with them comes a unique set of challenges. The digital world we have created is both an exciting and worrisome place; it's exciting because we're now able to interact with each other in ways that were previously impossible, but it's also worrisome because this new world has given birth to new dangers. In today's digital age, cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and can cause more harm than ever before. As a result, there has been an increase in the need for cyber personal defenses – especially when it comes to reputation management (reputation management).

Cybersecurity Wealth and Reputation

Cybersecurity Wealth

As technology evolves, so must we. Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT issue. It’s a business issue that can impact your company's bottom line, the financial well-being of your clients and potentially even the reputations of those involved with the business.

Cyber Reputations of Businesses Matter

Cyber Reputations

Your business has a reputation, whether you like it or not. You can choose to let it go unmonitored and hope for the best, or you can actively manage what people say about your company online

Disinformation Caused Cyber + Reputation Risk For Businesses

Disinformation Cyber Risk

Disinformation is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but in the context of cybersecurity and online reputation management, it's also an increasingly important issue. Disinformation refers to false information intended to deceive and manipulate people with the goal of subverting democracy.

Reputational Wealth Management

Getting trapped in someone's else's version of your reputation can be very scary, especially in today's always on society. Even worse is when a reputational attack on you affects you and your family's wealth protection and growth. It can lead to cybersecurity attacks, feeling very vulnerable.

Reputation + Wealth Management Combine

A Good Reputation is More Valuable Than Money

Reputation and Wealth Management Combine. We all have one. It us up to us to define it, scale it and defend it.

Water Utilities Are Getting Hacked. Why?

Water Utilities are getting hacked, ransomed and breached in growing numbers in the United States. Is this because many purchased digital switches from companies providing products specifically designed to disrupt from within?