Digijaks CEO Speech at US Army CyberTalks NYC

Digijaks CEO Alan W. Silberberg addresses U.S. Army Cyber Talks NYC 2016

#CyberSecurity #DigitalDiplomacy 2017

Where digital diplomacy just a few years back was between recognized principals of Governments, now there are lots of other players trying to make that communication much more failure prone.

Global Cybersecurity + Venture Capital

We live in a hyper-connected world that brings the globe to you; and you and your family to the globe at equally fast speeds. While on one hand, any one … Continue reading Global Cybersecurity + Venture Capital

Cyber Reputation Management and Control

Face it. The Internet is a hostile place for your reputation and your brand, whether that is personal, corporate or government. The control and management of your reputation start and end with you. As we enter 2015, it is worth paying attention to, in fact it is important to take stock of your online reputation, the management of it and the control of it. It is yours. Not anyone else.